Travel Story: Dreamy Lake Como, Episode 1

When the epidemic situation in this part of the world was somewhat normal, I dared to go somewhere outside Pavia exactly ten months later. I put the Pfizer vaccine on the two backpacks and sat on the Traveler train. Lake Como topped the list of favorites.

Lago di Como or Lake Como is the fifth deepest lake in Europe, with a depth of more than six hundred and sixty feet below sea level. Lake Como has been a popular destination for aristocrats and travelers since Roman times. Lake Como is a very popular tourist attraction with many artistic and cultural gems.

Aesthetic villas and palaces along the shores of the lake greet each other with natural beauty and man-made artistic creations. The shape of the lake is like upside down or inverted English Y letters. The northernmost branch of the lake starts from the city of Calico. And the southwestern city of Como, and the southeastern city of Lecco. The city has developed at the center of each branch. The plan was to visit at least two of the most beautiful cities, Bellagio and Varenna.

The train arrived and stopped at Como San Giovanni station. From there the boat terminal is a ten minute walk. Our first destination is Bellagio, a two-hour drive by motorbike. Leaving behind the Volta Museum, Villa Olmo, our ship began to sail. Every moment of that two hour journey was to be enjoyed. After a while, the passengers kept going up and down in the terminals of small towns. And as an added bonus, we also got a chance to see each city up close.

I was trying to capture the beauty of the small villages on the hills around the lake. Sometimes I was trying to zoom in on churches or small houses on the top of the hill. The city of Como can be reached by bus or rent-a-car or private car to Bellagio or other cities. Going by motorbike is a bit expensive and time consuming but the decision was not bad for us at all.

Let’s go …

Author: A speech and language therapist by profession. Studied at the University of Buffalo in the United States. Lives in the Via Kashshinazza area of ​​Pavia, Italy

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