The Genesis League: Week 3 Roundup

It’s only been 3 weeks into the NFL & fantasy seasons and man, there have been a whole ton of crazy moments and surprises. Big names are balling out as expected, while some teams and players are struggling more than many predicted. What’s the biggest surprise so far? The Panthers being 3–0? The Chiefs being 1–2? The Raiders being 3–0? There’s a lot to unpack through week 3. Let’s take a look at this past week’s heroes and zeros, along with can’t-miss major highlights.


It’s tough to pick who gets this week’s number 1 spot — both Matt Stafford and Josh Allen were wheeling and dealing all game. By the numbers, it’d easily be Allen who threw for over 350 yards, four touchdowns and ran another one in, totaling for 5 touchdowns on Sunday. At his lead, Buffalo breezed by Washington in a 43–21 rout. On the other hand, Matt Stafford was making every right play as the Rams hosted the visiting super bowl champs, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Matched up against arguably the greatest football player of all-time, Tom Brady, Stafford threw for 340+ yards and 4 touchdowns, outlasting the Bucs 34–24 to give them their first loss of the season. Opponent strength favors Stafford in this case, but all I can conclude is fans everywhere were delighted to see some high-caliber football from both quarterbacks.

Honorable mentions: Justin Herbert led LAC to a major victory on the road vs The Kansas City Chiefs, and Tom Brady threw for 430+ yards.


First on the list comes Derrick Henry (shocker, right) for the Titans, running for 113 yards on 28 carries. Henry’s brute size and force helps him fight for yards better than almost any other back in the league, and he’ll continue to be a force for Tennessee and fantasy GM’s every week. Second would be Kareem Hunt, who had his best game as a Brown this past Sunday. Hunt ran for 80 yards and 1 TD while snagging 6 receptions. His breakout game for Cleveland helped bolster them past the struggling Bears, moving to 2–1 on the season. Lastly, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was up to his usual tricks, running for 100 yards and grabbing 2 receptions.

Honorable mention: Saquon Barkley looked like the Saquon fans have been accustomed to, rushing for 51 yards, 1 touchdown, and catching 6 receptions. Hopefully he can boost what’s been a shaky start for the Giants. Also, Aaron Jones was big for Green Bay with 82 yards and 1 touchdown.


Many wideouts went nuts this weekend, so it was hard to pick the best of the best. Number 1 ist torn between two studs — Cooper Kupp and Mike Williams. In a loaded offense, Kupp has separated himself as the best receiver on the Rams and is looking at a pro-bowl season if he keeps it up. Kupp was Stafford’s go-to man on Sunday, catching 9 passes for 96 yard and 2 touchdowns. Big plays and tough catches, Kupp has fantasy owners everywhere smiling. Now it hurts to write about Williams since I had him on my bench this past weekend. Mike Williams had a major game for LAC, recording 122 yards, 2 touchdowns, and A LOT of fantasy points. RIP me. Last but not least is Davante Adams who hauled in 12 receptions for 132 yards and 1 touchdown. Green Bay needed every play they could get from Adams as he was fully in-sync with Aaron Rodgers, ultimately helping them walk down to a field-goal walk off victory. Vintage.


Travis Kelce was up to his usual antics recording 104 receiving yards on 7 catches. Although the Chiefs have lost more than people anticipated, Kelce has done his part, cementing his place as a top tight end. Equally as good was Mark Andrews for the Ravens, hauling in 109 yards off of 5 receptions. Good game. Besides these two, no other tight ends stood out as much. We’ll be looking for more next week.


It’s no fun writing about zeros. Why? It means I had to watch or replay some bad football, so let’s not focus too much on it. Nonetheless, here were a couple of doozy’s from this past week:

  • Zach Wilson: What’s going on with the Jets? Oh wait, they’re the Jets.
  • Seattle’s defense screams *insert crying emoji* YIKES
  • I know they’re 3–0, but man the Raiders might be the worst 3–0 team I’ve ever seen. Every game is a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Still waiting on Devonta Smith’s breakout game. Figured Dallas’ poor defense would give him time to eat, but Dallas ended up locking him up.


Aside from the quarterbacks from Los Angeles, you could argue that a kicker (yes, a kicker) had the biggest performance of week 3. Justin Tucker, Mr. Reliable, had the boot ready as always this past Sunday, sending in 4 field goals for the Ravens. One of those scores was a walk-off winner from 66 (!!!!!) yards out, putting just enough to get the ball to bounce off the post and through. One of the greatest field goals we’ll ever see, Tucker deserves all the shine.

Aaron Rodgers had a heroic walkdown of the field with less than 40 seconds to go in the game, setting up a field goal for the win. Why was this so cool? On twitter, I saw so many tweets that Rodgers didn’t have it in him anymore to will this victory. That’s the thing about the all-time greats: they have the extra gear that many don’t have. Vintage Rodgers for Packers fans.


Through week 3, let’s take a look at the leagues standings and leaders. The first place teams in each division are listed below:

As those teams continue to wreak havoc in The Genesis League, it’s celebration time for Davante’s Inferno winning $1,000 for leading the league in scoring during week 3, totaling 183 points. Big money for a big league!

Lastly, we have an updated list of the top 20 teams in points scored through week 3. As the season heats up, competition should expect the same. Players are finding their groove and it’s up to the general managers in The Genesis League to do the same!


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