How 2022 is Set to Become the Year of CURE

As utterly baffling as it might feel to many, we have reached the end of yet another year since Covid-19 turned the world on its head and shook out all of the fun. 2021– which featured the Omicron side-dish no one ordered — has been another 365 days full of oddness, confusion and uncertainty. It is as if the entire world has been holding its breath for the past two years and no one knows when it’s okay to let go.
But it hasn’t been all bad.
For all the Capitol Hill raids, intolerance and raging wildfires, there have been wireless brain and computer interactions, groundbreaking malaria vaccines and pandas no longer being considered endangered. Britney got out of her conservatorship and Donald Tump was banned from Twitter. Beyond this, a record number of millionaires were created by decentralized finance products like crypto and NFTs, which has been a glorious raising of the middle finger to the centralized finance and employment systems that left many exposed and vulnerable, while governments largely looked the other way (or had after work meetings — cough, cough* parties – while the world was in lockdown).
Another of the few good things that emerged as a result of the dreadful pandemic and these uncanny few years of Twilight Zone madness, was the emergence of CURE Token. Storming out of the gate in October the project saw immense early success due the fact that it was a charity-created token that was supporting pediatric cancer research, support and awareness.
Also the fact that it was the one charity project that wasn’t a huge scam.
Since its inception the project entered into a breakneck acceleration to an all-time high of $52 million, raising over $400,000 for pediatric cancer — much of which has already gone to incredible causes, such as helping dozens of children with the terrible disease and keeping the lights on for small research facilities, which are drastically underfunded by the government. (All of which you can read about in our various Medium posts). Ambassadors, such as platinum selling artist Majestic Drama came onboard, the project released staking, and of course CEO Jacob Beckley created the lauded CURE Pay — which allows anyone to buy CURE tokens with just their bank cards or even phones!
The project has hit a few bumpy patches along the way and lost some of its Market Cap dominance, but the laser focus of project Jacob and his dedicated team has never once wavered. So just as the world draws the curtains on 2021, hoping for a bigger and better 2022, CURE has its own heart set on a new and bright horizon.
2022 is set to be the year of CURE, and here is why:
As early as February, CURE will be partnering with none other than NASCAR. Throughout their entire season the project will feature a wrapped car and sponsor the best team (we can’t say who yet!) as CURE gets exposed to millions. If that wasn’t enough, the project will be doing a joint takeover of the NASCAR website alongside Coca Cola, and all through September the entire organization will be dedicated to pediatric cancer awareness, with CURE as its central mascot. Yes, its huge. We know.
Next year will also see the beginning of CURE Chain — an entirely new blockchain dedicated to re-balancing the scales on global healthcare access, as well as providing a cohesive and comprehensive decentralized system of data sharing for disease researchers, to provide cures and treatments infinitely faster and without any bureaucratic red tape. (You can find out a lot more about CURE Chain here and even more than that in Jacob’s brand new book all about the project, which will be publishing early next year). This revolutionary new blockchain is going to be built by a world-renowned expert (whose name will be revealed soon) who has more than the skills necessary to create it to a level that is no less than pure perfection. CURE Chain will then will then enter the beta phase, where it will be tested out by US-based research centers. When we say it is going to be ground-breaking, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what it can achieve.
The project also has its sights set on many centralized exchanges in the near future, and is currently market making as this very article is being written, so that it has the necessary volume to be listed on one within the coming weeks. Soon afterwards it will turn its attention to the bigger boys, with the ultimate focus being on the alpha of the pride itself — Binance.
Lastly, and the exact opposite of least, there will of course be an exceptional increase in donations throughout 2022. In fact, CURE is pledging to donate a further million dollars to cancer research and family grants! After all, no matter how big the project grows, it will never lose sight of why it was started in the first place — to help heal the world, starting with children first.
CURE is a differentiator in the crypto space in that it wants to make investors money, but also help improve the world at the same time. It is no secret that humans are getting sicker, and centralized healthcare systems are doing painfully little about it, and are in fact, often part of the problem. All it takes is one visionary with the seed of an idea, coupled with enough people to help bring it to life, and you have the recipe for nothing short of a bottom-up revolution that has the power to change the entire world.
This is exactly what is happening with CURE.
The project will not stop until it achieves every single thing it has set out to do, and it has the necessary talent, resources, roadmap and incredible support it needs to make its lofty goals a firm reality. And along the way it will help many, many people better their lives.
Now that is a cause worth investing in.
Here’s to a wonderful 2022 everyone! Happy New Year!

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