From the White House, Good Leaders Lead By Example

while no one wants to go back to the rules of yesterday where over 600,000 plus people died in this country from Covid-19, but to prevent another 600,000 from dying from Covid-19, Delta, and the many other variants that are springing up on every corner of the world, then mask off, now masks on again, is part of the solution. Vaccinated or not, leaders should lead by doing the right thing for humanity, families, and friends, and equally important oneself.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks during a news conference in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Biden sought to deliver an antidote to President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak on Thursday, unveiling a new plan that shows how he would fight the spread of the virus and urging the administration to use it. Photographer: Ryan Collerd/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It wasn’t too long ago, that this country got the release from the most dreaded mask by President Biden has he led by example removing his mask first mandating according to science that the masks were no longer needed because many people had been vaccinated and Covid-19 was subsiding a bit where the hospitalization and death from Covid-19 had decreased.Seeing familiar faces once again was a delight and joy for many. Now, those smiles maybe soon covered up again for the safety of all. The most important concept to keep in mind is that this mask-wearing will not be forever, just until the viruses are contained and many more are vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the research newest release conveyed how the Covid-19 virus along with other variants may have the ability to infect even the vaccinated and they, in turn, can transmit the virus to others, especially the more contagious Delta variant. Leading by example, now we see the current administration wearing their masks around the capitol, to press conferences and during travel not because they just want to but because they have to for the safety of all in the country which is what a responsible and caring leader should do. The current administration even passed out masks to journalists who attended press conferences who fell out of the habit of wearing masks or forgot to wear a mask.

If the prior administration had been proactive instead of lying for selfish gain, this country would not be in this predicament where 600,000 plus deaths happened as a result of inept governing. What a legacy to have to live with, along with two impeachments and now an insurrectionist trial with his name smeared all over it and throughout it. Neverminded the other atrocities that align with the name, Trumpism, via his affiliation with various racist groups, and anti-American groups.Unlike the prior administration vice president, Vice President Kamala Harris started wearing her mask no sooner than the words to wear a mask hit the airways. Leading by example, set a positive stage for the world to follow showing everyone that the battle is for all to do their part for the survival of all. The White House is following scientific guidelines setting an example protecting themselves and being an example in the fight against the coronavirus and its variants.

Wearing a mask for no reason is senseless but to wear a mask to prevent the spread of a deadly virus is commendable. The mask-wearing again will slow the spread of the coronavirus and other variants. President Biden mandating federal workers be required to get vaccinated or undergo regular testing, this is nothing new. Many employees including myself have worked for some institutions that mandate specific vaccination in time past. For example, for employment at the school system, I have been subjected to mandates of this sort. You do what you have to do for the good of yourself and the population. This mandating is an additional step toward stopping this deadly virus.

IF one thinks that President Biden has some personal political agenda should watch what he does and what he says to know the leader for who he really is and desires for the country as a whole. Like all citizens, President Biden is not jumping up and down to wear a mask again but must do what he has to do for the good of the country.
New cases or infections are increasing not only in and around the White House but communities where the unvaccinated reside and doing so at an alarming rate. Many people that are hospitalized are now begging for the vaccination which is a moment too late after the fact. There is a resurgence of the virus in the Senate and not the House. Therefore, all precautions must be put in place.The mask mandate is not meant for twenty-four seven but mostly in crowds where the ventilation or air circulation is limited where the Covid-19 and/or Delta could spread at an alarming rate. Outdoors don’t require a mask but all must use common sense and social distance if in doubt who you are connected with. Also, the Delta variant behaves differently from the previous versions of the coronavirus, according to the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

While some people, mostly white GOP conservative white males are yet refusing to take the virus and others for personal reasons, freedom rights, tyranny, medical, religious reasons, fear, or political reasons are putting millions of people at risk as they interact on a local and long-distance level. The world is interconnected like the air we breathe. This is not the time to be selfish.The proof is everywhere that the vaccines work and are effective in preventing serious illness from the coronavirus, even against the new strains that are emerging. Thus far 70% of adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

In combating these viruses crucial steps need to be taken. Federal workers may be mandated to take the vaccination or get tested regularly, to continue employment. Even some schools are mandating wearing masks, social distancing, vaccination required and implementing regular testing to the school population. Also, some businesses are mandating vaccination. All these measures will prove beneficial in the long run. Better to do this than to shut the economy, schools, churches, businesses, and other institutions down completely. We are all in the same boat and must steer in the same direction to safety.In conclusion, everyone needs to do their part to prevent havoc once again on society. These mandates will not and have not killed one person but have saved many lives. Vaccination and mask-wearing now will give us freedom tomorrow!


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