Actor Niloy got married

Friendship from Facebook on lockdown, then love. After a year of that relationship, small and big screen actor Niloy Alamgir got married.

The marriage was solemnized on July 8 at home in Uttara, the capital, in the presence of two family members amid lockdown restrictions. However, the ventricle reported the matter a month later.

His wife Tasnuva Tabassum Hridi is a student of Home Economics College, Dhaka. He is also involved in writing and volunteering.

Niloy told Glitz, “The two formed a relationship after we met on Facebook in Lockdown last year. Later, we got married in the presence of a few family members with maximum protection. I want everyone’s blessings. ”

Niloy said his sister lives outside the country. When the coronavirus situation returns to normal, he will return to the country, where a post-wedding reception will be held.

Earlier, Niloy was married to model and actress Anika Kabir Shakh in early 2016. They put an end to that in a tug of war.

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